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Top 20 Most Often Usable Social Media Sites.
Tuesday, November 25, 2008
Social media is a plateform,where you can share our ideas,thinking and getting update knowledge and news about different fields.The major benifit of social media is that here,you make friend networks.It is place where over millian people come here and share our ideas.If you want to know about news, politics ,picture,video,science & tech then you can get knowledge at one plateform,that is social media.Here,i am Atul Kumar explaning social media which are most uses in the world.

Updated News :- These are five sites which mostly often uses for update news in different categories.

1. Digg :- Digg is the biggest social media which gives updated news.Digg is a place where you can discover new post which you like,if more people like your discover post and its good & recive enough digg then its go to main page of digg.After come to main page of your post, over millian people see it.Here you can share lot of thing at diffrent fields like news,politics,tech,science,health etc.

2. Stumbleupon :- Stumbleupon is a social media and also internet community which provide to users to discover and rate webpags,pictures,videos etc.If you like a web page then you can thumbs up and dislike then thumbs down.There is a toolbar which attched in browser with the help of this you can thums up or down and send the message to our friends.

3. Reddit :- Reddit is a social news website where users can post links to content on the web.If other people like your content link then they gives vote up otherwise vote down.If your post link get the more vote up then it goes to main page of the reddit where millian people see your post link.Reddit gives the updated news in each field like science,tech,health,politics etc.

4. Mixx :- Mixx is a social media driven website.In this you can submit a link which you like and share it with your friends.If you like link then vote up otherwise vote down.You can give also comment if you really like post.There are many fields like,picture,video,politics,science,technology,health etc ,first your link popular in particular field then it become popular in popular field and it comes on main page of Mixx.

5. Sphinn :- Sphinn is also popular social media and internet marketing site.In this you can get the knowledge about internet marketing and search engine optimization.Here you can submit a post,if your post is good and people like it then they sphinn it.If your post got more sphunn it goes to main page of sphinn.After come your post on main page more people see it.Basicly this site is very useful if you are intresting in internet marketing and search engine optimization.

Photo Sharing :- These are five sites which mostly use for sharing photos, pictures and images.

1. Flickr :- Flickr is owned by yahoo site.Flickr is the best online photo management and photo sharing site in the world.It gives the 100mb space to upload your photos and videos.You can upload and share photos with the help of it.Flickr help people make their content available to the people who matter to them.It provide a new ways to organizing your photos and videos.

2. Picasa :- Picasa owned by Google site.Picasa gives the easy way to find, edit and share your photos.With the help of it you can easily organize, edit, create and share your has file importing and tracking features to organize your photos.It has also tags to sorting your photos.You can make also slideshow, printing, image cropping of photos.It provide also online photo printing services.It uses basicly for digital photos.

3. MyPhotoAlbum :- MyPhotoAlbum is a photo and video sharing service which include the features like highly unique, personalized online photo album for photos.You can uploading, sharing, printing of photos here.MyPhotoAlbum provide many feature which useful for photos like cropping, printing, slideshow etc.If you want to share your photos and video then it is a good plateform.

4. PhotoBucket :- PhotoBucket is a good site for uploading, sharing, linking and finding photos, videos and graphics.Here, you can store thousand of photos and hours of video.PhotoBucket offers group album, hundred of album themes, photo editor, searching, scrapbook builder and remix builder etc.You can easily store and share photos and videos including many features with the help of it.

5. WebShots :- WebShots is one of the largest photo sharing and video sharing site.It already contain more than 520 millian photos.It provides you a variety of ways to enjoys photos and videos.Here you can easily upload and share photos and videos.It provides personal and professional photos.You can access mobile webshot with the help of WebShots site.It also provide many feature like cropping, printing and slideshow etc.

Video Sharing :- There are five sites which mostly often use for video sharing social media.

1. You Tube :- YouTube is the biggest and largest video sharing social media in the world.It have store already millions of social videos.You can upload and share your videos with the help of it.It provide many tags like video, channel, community etc.Here you can easily search any videos with the help of search toolbar in the youtube site.You can easily add youtube video anywhere like orkut, your blog, mobile etc.You can upload video in a limited length with it.

2. BlipTv :- BlipTv is one of the most video sharing social media site.It allow to upload and share can also download video with the help of it.It provide many features like uploading and video formats, distribution of video, copy and paste HTML, cross posting, cross uploading, advertising and rss feeds of videos.Its mission give the better video of users.The video of it always clear and brightful.Here you can get many videos in different categories.

3. GoogleVideo :- GoogleVideo is owned by the google.It is one of the best video sharing social media site.You can upload and share videos with the help of it.It provide flash video player, google video player, AVI, MP4,GVI conversion and formet.Google video provide to select video remotly on other website and give the HTML code along with the media like YouTube site.The video quality of Googlevideo is better than other video social media sites.

4. Metacafe :- Metacafe is one of the largest video social media site where every month 25 millian viewers being coming and seeing the video.It provides short term original video content and better video.You can upload, share and organize your videos with the help of it.Basicly it provide short term original entertainment, where user can view, upload and share video clips.Its mainly focus on short form, entertainment and audience-driven side.

5. Dailymotion :- Dailymotion is also a video social media site.It provide about new ways to finding and sharing online video.Here,you can uploading, finding and sharing videos about your intrest and hobbies.You can upload video publicly and privately, discover new videos, get feedback from your videos.It provide many tags which useful for searching your videos.

General Networking :- There are five sites which mostly use for general networking and friends network.

1. Bebo :- Bebo is one of the best General Social Networking site which provide services to member to making friends,where you can make friends, sharing photos, discover new intrested things and connecting with friends.Here you can easily upload your photos, videos and many application.Your profile may be public or privare and you can give comment on other profiles.

2. Myspace :- Myspace is online community for making friends.It is the best general social networking among the other ones.Its provide you to making friends, sharing photos, journals and many more application.You can talking with your online friends, matchmaker, class partners and business partners etc.It provide many features like making Groups of friends, MySpaceIm, MySpaceTv, MySpaceMobile,MySpacePolls, MySpaceForum and many more applications.

3. Facebook
:- Facebook is the most usabile social networking site.It helps to connect and share with the people in your life.Many people come to Facebook site and upload, share photos and videos which they like it.Here you can making friends, share your picture and videos.You can also talking with your friends with the help of this online community.

4. Orkut :- Orkut is one of the best online social media community in the world.You can making friends and talking with them.The main feature of the site is that you can upload your picture and videos.You can forward message of your friends.Easily search your lost friends with the help of search option.There are many application like chatroom, stylish fonts and scraps, profile theme, online music, slapster, iqtest which you can eaisly use and enjoy it.

5. Hi5 :- Hi5 is also a online social media community where you can makeing friends and share your pictures.It provide many feature like uploading photos, sharing pictures and many more application.Here you can send message of your friends and talking to eachother.You can search your friend around the world with the help of it.If you want to make friends and share your feeling then Hi5 is the best place to talk eachother.

Atul Aumar

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Top 5 Largest webSites on Social Bookmarking Services
Thursday, November 13, 2008
Fistly,What is Social Bookmarking? & Why we used it? These two question are very important to understand Social Bookmarking.Social Bookmarking is a process or method for users who use the internet to store, search, organize and manage bookmarks of webpages on the internet with the help of metainformatiom(metadata).With the help of this you can store and share tags which is need to you.This tags which you bookmarks may be public or private.You can remember all the tags which you used or read after later with the help of bookmarking.Your bookmarks which is used for webpages may be in group.You can share all the bookmarks in public.This is easy method to store and share online tags which you want and need.
Now this time many Bookmarking site is available.But according Atul Kumar mainly explaining 5 website here.

1.Technorati :-
Technorati is one of the best bookmarking site and also a world live web where you can get knowledge about blogs,news,videos etc.It Currently tracking 112.8 million blogs and over 250 million pieces of tagged in social media.Technorati media collects,organize and distributes the global online conservation.According the Time Magzine “If Google is the Web’s reference library, Technorati is becoming its coffee house.”It helps blogger to succed by collecting, highlighting, and distributing the online global conversation.It is the authority which tells that what happening in world live web and also search engine land ,right now.On this world live web daily blogs summited and new updated.On its Bloggers update their blogs regularly to the over 1.6 million posts per day, or over 18 updates a second.Now this time Technorati is useful for users who comes their to get the knowledge about world live webs,blogs,news etc.

Traffic analysis on Technorati:-
Page Rank - 8
Alexa Ranking - 393
Inbound Links - 218,885,641
Compete Monthly Visitors - 2,644,226

2. :-
Delicious one of the popular social bookmarking site among all of them.Delicious permits the users who want to use,manage and share tags & webpages from centralized source.The main foucus of the delicious on the power of community and its improve how people discover, remember and share tags & web pages on the Internet. You can do with delicious first is,With the help of internet bookmarks any site and get it to anywhere,second is Share bookmarks and get bookmarks in return,and the thired one is Discover the more useful and interesting bookmarks on the web.The main thing in the delicious is that size of community,if it is largest than you can share more links with the help of your networks and easily you can get the good knowledge about which you want.But the drawback of delicious is that it does not contain powerful tools for sorting or editing bookmarks.

Traffic analysis on Del.ici.ous:-
Page Rank - 6
Alexa Ranking - 2,662
Inbound Links - 576,634,550
Compete Monthly Visitors - 1,536,309

3. Newsvine :-
Newsvine Founded by veterans of Disney, ESPN, and other media organizations. it is also good social bookmarking site which provide news about media.The aim of Newsvine is to collect information about big and little media in a way which tells the established journalism and empowers the individual at the same time.The main purpose of the Newvine is to build perfectly different & efficient way to read, write, and interact with the media news.With the help of the Newsvine, you can read the news from media organization as well as individual contributors from all around the world.The news in its is freshness, popularity, and reputation.The Newsvine is very useful site to gain the knowledge about media.

Traffic analysis on Newsvine:-
Page Rank - 7
Alexa Ranking - 5,759
Inbound Links - 83,663,654
Compete Monthly Visitors - 1,168,157

4. Netvouz :-
The idea behind the Netvouz is social bookmarking.You can have access to your bookmarks with help of it.On Netvouz you can read and share bookmarks ,which you want with the help of your networks(your friends).This is best way to find sites in your area of intrest.Its give a powerful tool for social bookmarking,with the help of it you can sort bookmarks by rating, date or name.On Netvouz you can get your own bookmarks page which gives you a good overview of your favorite web sites and quick access to them.You can do bookmarks in private and public.If you use most often the bookmarks than you can marked at "Hotpicks" and it is always show the top of your bookmarks page.You can do automatic linkchecking,easily bookmaring site,easily import your existing browser bookmarks to Netvouz and export them back if you want to,rss feeds,clean user interface with the help of this.

Traffic analysis on Netvouz:-
Page Rank - 6
Alexa Ranking - 58,879
Inbound Links - 19,346,110
Compete Monthly Visitors - 45.592

5. Furl :-
Furl also a popular social bookmarks site which provide find the item on the web and enables you to quickly find the again.In this you can save a furl archives a personal copy of every page.When you need it,you can find it by searching full text your archived item.Each user has a personal archive of 5 gigabytes (GB), large size to store tens of thousands of searchable items. You can make friends and share the furl archive with the help of it.This is useful for you, if your intrest in online rearch.its provide a service that store a copy of the whole home pages.The bookmark list contain lots of tools that insure easy to move, delete or email bookmarks, and clicking on the Edit tool, you store and edit all type of information. If you are a blogger than code is available for your writing that will help you display your recent Furl entries on the web.Now furl is one of the best social bookmarking site.

Traffic analysis on Furl:-
Page Rank - 7
Alexa Ranking - 22,989
Inbound Links - 153,085,984
Compete Monthly Visitors - 189,018

Atul Kumar


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Top 5 Web 2.0 Sites For Coverage On Social Media
Wednesday, November 12, 2008
There are many sites and blogs that cover & give knowledge about social networking scene.The search marketing field is fully depend of social media, thats why social media is important for both sites as well as user who share our thinking and ideas in social sites.

According to Chris Sherman who is Executive Editor of,these include shared bookmarks and web pages(, Shadows, Furl),RSS feed(Technorati, Bloglines) and social networking sites(Digg,Stumbleupon,reddit).
The most increasingly popular video sharing sites is YouTube,which share the video.Now this time You Tube is the largest & popular site in the world.
Social Networking sites is very useful for SEO.These social networking sites is useful for increase the traffic of site.
There are also site for social media but these of the five, i Atul Kumar explaining here.

1. Read Write Web
ReadWriteWeb was founded and edit by Richard MacManus, from Wellington New Zealand. ReadWrite Web is very useful and give the new knowledge about the is like a search engine land where you are gain knowledge about covers Web technology news, reviews and also cover search engine scene. The webpages is easy to read and simple.With the help of this you will find the coverage of social media networking,web site technology,online service,internet industry,application and many more things.

is edited by Allen Stern.This site mainly focus on "new" internet.The mission of the site is to help the industry professionals about including topic social media,web 2.0 and social networking.The main aim is give better web aplication. This site focus on industry devlopment also.You can easily find article and news from this site which you want.This site give the better knowledge about blogging.

3. Mashable:-
Mashable was founded by Pete Cashmore(CEO of the site).Mashable is the world largest blog which is focused on social networks with more than 5 million page review.Mashable is popular with bloggers and member s social site.

It is not a ReadWrite blogging,the main focus on social networks like Myspace, Facebook, YouTube.You can easily read the article and news here.You can make friends here who share your thinking and give comments.The main thing is social neworks in this site.

4. TechCrunch:-
TechCrunch is edited by Michael Arrington and Erick is a weblog dedicated to reviwing new Internet products and companies.its covering new companies that are making an impact (commercial and/or cultural) on the new web space.

Tech crunch is better weblog from others about web related informatiion. Here you can easily find the article and gain knowledge.

5. Pronet Advertising:-

This site founded by
Neil Patel.His friends Cameron Olthuis,Ryan Fujiu and Muhammad Saleem also contributed it.Neil Patel is good speker and attend the confrence related Search Engine Marketing .
He and his friend have a blog which is pronet advertising where they covering social networking site like Digg,Reddit,Facebook and all others.If you are intrested serach engine marketing than this site is very useful for you.

Atul Kumar

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