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Top 25 Best Blogs Of The Year 2008
Wednesday, December 17, 2008
There are many blogs which is best but here i am explain top 25 blog of the year 2008.These blogs covers all different categories like news, politics, entertainment, social networking, gadgets, software, game, magazine and many more.These are following :

1. Breaking News and Opinion on the Huffington Post :-

Huffingon Post is a news website and weblog founded by Arianna Huffington and Kenneth Lerer.This website contain various topics including section like polictics, entertainment, media, living, business, and the green movement.This site mainly focus on latest news about policties.

2. Gizmodo, The Gadget Guide :-

Gizmodo ia popular technology weblog about technoloy and gadget.It is a part of Gawker Media network run by Nick Denton.It is the largest blog,bringing in upwords 80 million page view in a monthly traffic.They write post about a variety of gadgets, including computers, cellphones, video games, cameras and anything else you can push a button on.

3. Tech Crunch :-

Tech Crunch is a weblog web 2.0 new internet product and companies, created and many of the post written by Michael Arrington.This website covering new companies that are making an impact (commercial and/or cultural) on the new web space.TechCrunch has received the coverage on CBS news, feedster 500, Wall Street Journal, top blog business week readers, wired magazine and many more.

4. Engadget :-

Engadget is a popular, multilingual technology weblog, podcast and consumer electronics, created by Peter Rojas and Ryan Block.The owner of Engadget is Weblogs, Inc. & Time Warner.This site give the updated news about gadgets and consumer electronics.It also give popular post rumors about the technological world and produces the weekly Engadget Podcast that covers tech and gadget news stories in a week.

5. ArsTechnica :-

ArsTechnica is a technology news and information related website that covers to computer enthusiasts, technology, science and gaming news along with editorial comment and analysis.Its created by Ken "Caesar" Fisher and owner by Condé Nast Publications.The main feature of this site is blog style presentation of news stories and commentary, interspersed with advertising.The article of it is on more depth and informative.

6. Boing Boing :-

Boing Boing firstly was a magazine, and later becoming a group blog.It started by Mark Frauenfelder and Carla Sinclair.This site covers technology, science, gadgets, politics, disney, futurism and intellectual property.Boing Boing has won twice award for weblog of the year in 2004-05.Boing Boing is a member of the blog network Federated Media Publishing Inc.Its include Boing Boing podcast, Boing Boing TV and Boing Boing gadgets.

7. Lifehacker, tips and downloads for getting this done :-

Lifehacker is an award winning daily blog that include features tips, shortcut and downloads that help you get things done more efficiently.Lifehaker is one of the top-linked blogs on the internet according to technorati.It also best blog according to wired magazine, The New York Times, Wall street Journal and other outlets.

8. The Official Google Blog :-

The Google blog owned by Google website.This provide all the updated and latest news about google, what happening new in google and other google site like picasa etc.It give the updated news about blogging and media news.This is one of the best blog site among all others.

9. Dailykos : state of nation :-

Dailykos is an american political blog, publishing news and opinion from a prograssive point of view.Daily Kos was founded by Markos Moulitsas.It mainly focus on discussion forum and group blog for a variety of netroots activists, whose efforts are directed toward influencing and strengthening the Democratic Party. Additionally, the website features on political encyclopedia, glossaries, and other permanent content. The ads focus mostly on media, and political candidates.

10. Smashing magazine :-

Smashing magazine is a weblog magazine that mainly focus on designers and web-developers.It covers all the things related to designers like photos, design, insprition, wordpress, photoshop, themes, fonts, icon's, web design, web 2.0, typography and many more.If you want to intrested in designing and web then it is the best site for these thing.

11. Mashable | All That's New on the Web :-

Mashable is the world's largest blog mainly focus on web 2.0 and social networking news. This is the most prolific blog reviewing new Web sites and services, publishing breaking news on what’s new on web 2.0.Its daily writes about myspace, youtube, facebook, google, digg and many more.Mashable is also popular with bloggers and social networking sites - an increasingly influential demographic.

12. Political Ticker: All Politics, all the time :-

Political Ticker is a blog owned by the blog give the updateded news related to politics.If you want to read the updated new around the world in diffrent categories like news, politics, business etc then it is the best blog for you.

13. Gawker, Manhattan Media News and Gossip :-

Gawker is a blog that itself as a "The source for daily Manhattan media news and gossip" and mainly focuses on celebrities, media news and gossip.The owner of the Gawker is Gawker Media and created by Nick Denton (Managing Editor).

14. Treehugger :-

TreeHugger is a blog that related to media outlet, news, solutions, and product information.TreeHugger provide the up to minute blog, weekly and daily newsletters, weekly video segments, weekly radioshow and our user -generated blog,Hugg.

15. Wired :-

Wired is a online technology news website and blog, formerly known as Hotwired,which is come from Wired magazine that was purchased by Condé Nast Publishing in the 1990s.This is created by Wired magazine and owner of it is Conde Nast Publishing.

16. Think Progress :-

Think Progress is a blog and a project of the Center for American Progress Action Fund.This project is nonpartisan organization and provide a forum that advances progressive ideas and policies. ThinkProgress was “Best Liberal Blog” in the year 2006 Weblog Awards.It is Hard-hitting progressive political news site.

17. Kotaku, The Game's Guide :-

Kotaku is a blog which mainly focus on video game.Kotaku is part of Gawker Media's "Gawker" network of sites.Kotaku is edited by Brian Crecente.It provide updated and latest video game which are really good.

18. Talking Points Memo | Breaking News and Analysis :-

Talking Points Memo is a libreal web-based political journalism organization created and run by Josh Marshall.Its provide a wide range of topics that is U.S.foreign policy, omestic politics (especially at the federal level) and domestic policy.It mainly focus on breaking news about politics.

19. ReadWriteWeb :-

ReadWriteWeb is a blog which provide Web Technology news, reviews and analysis.ReadWriteWeb was founded by Richard MacManus and is written by a team of Web enthusiasts.Its one of the best blog related to blogging news, web 2.0 etc.

20. GigaOM Network :-

GigaOM Network is a web 2.0 blog started by Om Malik and published by Giga Omni Media.It provide web 2.0, news, analysis and opinions on startups, new technologies, broadband and online games.It offers one of the leading daily online news reads for the key influencers in the emerging technology market place.

21. :-

Icanhascheeezburger is a blog featuring lolcats and other animals created by Eric Nakagawa (Cheezburger), a blogger from Hawaii and his partner, Kari Unebasami (Tofuburger).It is one of the best lolcats site on the internet.It is the popular site related to cats and other animals.

22. PostSecret :-

PostSecret is a blog and an ongoing community mail art project where, people mail their secrets on one side of a homemade postcard.Here anyone share our secrets that they want share.This site created by Frank Warren.You can also do comment for secret of another person secrets.

23. Official site for the latest entertainment news :-

TMZ(Thirty Mile Zone) is a blog with entertainment news landscape by changing the way the public gets its news.TMZ is one of the most-cited entertainment news sources, national network and local news organizations across the world.Basiclly this site cover all the entertainment news.

24. Blog Tips to Help You Make Money Blogging-ProBlogger :-

ProBlogger is blog site where you can learn the tips of blogging.This site created by Darren Rowse and he also write post for it.This blog cover all the topics related to blogging, content writting skill and many more.It is one of the best site for learn to blogging.

25. The Unofficial Apple Weblog-TUAW :-

Tuaw is the unofficial apple weblog where you can get the source for tips ,reviews, news, analysis and opinion on apple.Here you can get updated and latest news related to apple like iphone, computer, gadgets and many more.Its one of the best blog for gadgets.

Atul Kumar

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